Friday, June 26, 2009

outta here!

so we're packing up and heading to NC for a wedding tomorrow! wish us luck with isaac...who...with whom we do not share fond memories of our last trip to NC. heh. but it SHOULD be a lovely wedding, and we're both guests AND hired photographer. :) that will be the only semi-complicated thing about it all...but we'll manage!

last night we had a great time at Vermilion Restaurant on was nice to dress up a bit (wow, when did jeans and heels turn into 'dressing up?') and have adult conversation, though it always turns into 'mom' conversation....which i find super humorous. but it's really inevitable! especially when these are 'moms club' and playgroup friendships!

nevertheless, it was lovely! (maybe a bit late for this mom who had to get up at 6am to start packing...but...i'd do it again...)

say a prayer for our trip, if you think of it! and have a great weekend!

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chrissy said...

aw have fun in nc. that's awesome. i bet isaac will be stellar. you watch!

ps: i wanna go out and dress up (ala jeans and heels) with you! wahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!