Monday, June 1, 2009


mothers day.

that sunday after the correspondants party-lying-latenight-fiasco?
that sunday was mothers day.
as very own first mothers day ever.
gauzy images of babies laughing and loving me always floated through my head...

visions of me being sick over white wine replace those ideas.
but i am a mother and chad had purchased me flowers and a card that looks JUST LIKE ISAAC!!!!

he took care of isaac all morning while i was dead.
he put isaac down for his morning nap.
he set coffee/water next to my bed....and he let me sleep until my heart was content.

i love this man.

then we went to a really late lunch on a gorgeous day...

then i slept some more....
and isaac was a dream....

and my mother's day was full and special.

OH! and what did i get? MICRODERMABRASION! what i've ALWAYS WANTED! so i spent a few days earlier at a spa, having facial treatments and have a few more coming up!
i mean..i'm a mom. and i'm leaving my 20's soon....and i need to look dewy and fresh, right?

i love you ISAAC!!!

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