Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ok, ok....we're going organic!

alrighty then!
i feel inspired, really.
i can do this.
i can be healthier...while learning how to prepare better dishes for my fam...and feel better about my health.

no, we're not quite at the organic clothing, organic toilet paper, organic storage bins stage yet.
just organic foods.

it's more or less a One Year Challenge to give up as much processed food as possible and look back a year from now and see any major differences, or any reason to continue.

if you know me, you're laughing at your desk right now.
i personally am laughing too.
and my husband paid a premium for front row tickets to watch
and mom...stop laughing!

at any rate, i'll be documenting this trainwreck over HERE!
any suggestions, recipes, tips, encouragement you feel you'd like to offer....i'm all ears!

have a great wednesday!

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