Monday, June 1, 2009

vacation joke.

AND THEN we drove to NC. (well, right before i shot a wedding the night between being in PA and NC. nothing like packing for fun, work, and BEACH all in one suitcase. bullet in head now.)
just me and i-man.
8 hours.
you MUST be kidding me.

if you're wondering, Puff has cooler and better things going on, and would rather be out in sunny San Diego, putting in his final study hours for his CFA EXAM on SATURDAY JUNE 6TH.
PLEASE, if i've EVER asked you to pray, i ask you now to PLEASE pray for his focus and his retention of RIDICULOUS amts of information and for the Lord to BLESS US with a PASSING SCORE! between you and me (since he never reads this stupid blog...), i can't TAKE IT MUCH LONGER! every year he sells his sweet little soul (READ: disregards MILLIONS of fun things he wants to do with his family, in exchange for studying...more...again....
forever and ever.) for 6mths out of the 12, and i just REALLY REALLY need this to be behind us.

in any case, we drove to the beach ALONE.
and we did the beach week ALONE w/o daddy. :(
fortunately, we were in a beach house with 20 other people....and that beach house was right next to another beach house with another 20 people, all of which loved isaac very much and helped me out ALOT!! but let's just put it out there -- i was stupid to think i could do it w/o chad. retarded stupid. MORON. in a perfect world, it was feasible. but even if you hardly know me, you know ENOUGH to know my world is far from perfect...and well....isaac's world isn't always rainbows and butterflies either. and put our two NON-perfect worlds together w/o daddy for a week...and then throw in sand, packing, sickness, 32342 kids, sunscreen, packing, diahrrea, sand, throwing up, screaming kids, packing, sleepless nights, hives, infection, packing, sand.....did i mention packing?....yeah it was hard. it was REALLY hard. we had many amazing moments and some fun time on the beach, but isaac made it clear that he was none too interested in sand in his eyes, or sand on his body, or sand in a 20-mile radius of him. there were moments EVERY SINGLE PERSON was on the beach and me/isaac stared at walls in the living room of the beach house.

did i mention the WEIRD FREAKISH SCREAMING from 1-5am EVERY NIGHT?
i was a walking dead person who became increasingly bitter at the CFA with every moment that went by.

i finally decided at 3am on friday that i needed to come home. i couldn't take another day of non-sleep. i was going on 5 nights of maybe....5 minutes of compiled sleep for the week and was dead.
so while we were set to leave on sunday, i packed up in the dark (MORE PACKING!), next to a screaming child, and hit the road unbeknownst to everybody else until 8am when they and their NORMAL CHILDREN woke for the day.

i've since spent the remainder of the weekend crying over sand in my bags (good cry! i wanna go back! like a sick freak! i love the beach!!!! funny how our minds choose to only romanticize something in hindsight, that was more or less a dramatic vacation to hell) and sleeping. i am utterly exhausted...!!!

but we did have fun! the company was by far the best part! my best friend and her family are like my own family! so for that, i am incredibly thankful!!! had i done this with ANYBODY ELSE, there would be no salvageable moments! surrounded by seasoned mommies made my life so much better for those 6 days!!!

and now i'm back!
and switching suitcases for yet ANOTHER TRIP on thursday!
i'm headed to DIRTY JERSEY to stand up next to another lifelong friend (9 years pretty much is lifelong, right? :) and watch her get married to the love of her life!!!!
AND NO!!!!
after nearly 3 weeks of alone time with isaac, while i would walk on hot coals for him, i am over the moon about some girlie time and ADULT TIME :) no baby einstein, diahrrea (well, i hope none), diapers, orally administered medications, bathtimes, snotty noses or formula for 3 days :)


some highlights :) it was not all bad...


Chrissy said...

this makes me so so sad. i'm so sorry you couldn't have just had the relaxing time it was supposed to be. but, even tho it'll be madness, i'm hoping my wedding will be a time for you to just relax....enjoy yourself...and be an adult!
ps: that picture of isaac, freaking out from the cold water, is HILarious!

Julie Nickerson said...

I AM SO SORRY!! sadly, vacations aren't really vacations when you have babies....

I love that little mini puff to pieces and need a little kiss from him. seriously,it's been WAAAAYYY to long. PLEASE drop him off at my house for a few hours!!! Abel and I would LOVE some i-man time! you need a brake!

ps-wow, little reagan is so Julie!!! He looks just like her!


heather said...

oh, no! what a bummer. good for you for packing up and coming home. one of my friends reminds me that i am a mommy first. in other words, when i am out, i am a mom first and foremost - then a friend, then a daughter, etc. you were definitely plyaing your role well there - obviously, you needed to come home, and you did. our babes won't be little forever, and these are small sacrifices. still, the beach looked beautiful, and i'm sure it was hard to mean...sad once you left.

Carolyn said...

a) chad needs to pass this exam!! b) isaac needs to learn to love the beach and sleeping at night and c) we will have a BLAST this weekend:) Can't wait!!

meet joelle said...

this had me in stitches! not sure if you feel that way YET, but someday you will! these are difficult vaca years, but ones to be treasured just the same. your precious photos of your beautiful blessing, i'm sure help you do just that.
much love to you, chad (praying!), and little isaac