Monday, June 1, 2009

Parker & Thomas!

i'm soo back in the saddle.
summer is here, brides abound and the life is a wedding photographer resumes.
er. kinda.
life of a wedding photographer turned MOM who deals with ailments and 34234 loads of laundry a day, resumes.

SO, i was invited to come out to lexington NC and shoot the engagement party of parker swann! outside of being SO honored, i was SO EXCITED bc i've never been to the swann household! after convincing me to not fear the small 12 seater prop jet....we landed in NC in 40 minutes. THAT is impressive.

we had a wonderful time of touring the hometown, which included stops at the local pharmacy that has a lunch counter?! can you say FLASHBACK TO THE 50's!? probably the neatest thing left standing in America.

then we headed over to the local winery....YUM!!!!

then i got a killer migraine. no kidding. how do these things ALWAYS happen at the worst times???

then i had the privilege of shooting one of the coolest engagement parties of all time!!!!

parker and thomas are precious together and i VERY MUCH look forward to their wedding and lifetime of joy and happiness!!!


(FYI: these are in no particular order...well...because i hate blogger...)

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