Monday, June 1, 2009

Ryder & Isaac!

then i went to PA to spend some QT with my family! and for isaac to meet his 2 mth old cousin!
so weird!

i know i posted about this already, but i love it....

when ryder was born, isaac wasn't allowed into the maternity ward bc he was too young himself was nice going there w/o him :)
but it's time for the two to meet and it was so special seeing them together and buying matching outfits and heading outdoors for a little family photoshoot!
isaac was not TOO thrilled, but we managed to capture a few of them...

expanding the family is always neat and adding to the layers as years pass by is so wonderful to be a part of....

i think of the blessing of isaac often....nearly every minute...and remember wondering if he would ever come to be....

and i am family is blessed that he is here!


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