Thursday, June 25, 2009


my first 'organic' dish....
recipe can be found here!
i had to do a bit of a makeover on it, to make it 100% organic, but my gosh -- it did taste amazing!

my 'cooking organic' observations can be found HERE!


in other news, my baby is growing so fast i can hardly stand it!!!
and why do i love him in his jammies so much? i think jammies are the cutest outfits cozy and comfy.

he's got a CHEWING SHOES obsession....which....isn't very organic.
actually i guess it could be...?

the fact i get when i tell him no.
half the time he laughs.
half the time he cries.
depends on his exhaustion levels...

tomorrow we take off for a wedding i'm shooting in NC!!!! all 3 of us will go -- OBVIOUSLY i will never travel to NC again w/o my baby daddy. ever.
we return on sunday and apparently i have surgery next week...? heh.

the hospital just called my cell to 'pre-register' me and i was all, "....oh right. yeah. surgery...."
blah....but i feel going about doing it.

either way -- have a great weekend!


for those of you looking for a great baby sunscreen...OR SPF in general (!!), i found it! it travels REALLY well in my purse, it's not messy, it smells lovely and it's 60 SPF!

that's all :)


Hope said...

It is hot and muggy here in NC, but I still LOVE IT! I hope you have a safe trip, and I will be prayin' for you next week. I have surgery myself on Monday - and I am kinda like you - oh yeah, surgery - Monday..blah.

Chrissy said...

i love isaac so much. that face is PRICELESS!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm AMAZED that you are cooking all organic!!! Your dish looks DELICIOUS! You doing this reminds me when I had to revamb my cooking when dad was diagnosed with diabetes. Good job honey, keep up the good work! I'm so glad you put back the anonymous selection cause I cannot remember my username OR password, lol. Those pictures of my little baby are so precious, I can't wait to see him at his bday party!! Have fun in NC, I KNOW it will be so much more fun having Chad w/ you!! I love you!! mom