Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my life is sooo FULL!!!!!

i don't even know where to begin, which is probably why the concept of SPELLING OUT how awesome my last weekend was, proved to be too overwhelming for the last 3 days!!!


that is the first drop in the bucket :)

i would like to start off by saying that i wish everybody walked away from their college experience with the same group of girlfriends that i did. my life orbits, more or less, around these amazing women and this past weekend reminded me, YET AGAIN, why my life is overflowing. we cried...laughed...ate...drank...and though not much sleep was involved, i kept reminding myself, " can sleep when you're dead, allison." exhaustion often made me wonder if i was dying...BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!! (and so were those two rounds of antibiotics. my body has flat-out given up.)

we started the trip SO wonderfully. me, janell and carolyn had an awesome drive to jersey, and were really able to catch up. isaac did swimmingly, with carolyn in the backseat with him, until we dropped him off in philly to stay with my mama! whew.

we continued to jersey where we met at chrissy's and headed out to NYC for her bachelorette night out. i have MUCH gratitude for the girls who actually took photos. i had my camera with me and know that i snapped a few, but all of the below are thankfully provided by my girlfriends :)

thanks nikki for the pics! (and lanier!)
the bride and carolyn!

bride, adriana, me, janell!

carolyn dealing with her sushi experience...

bridal party! minus nikki. see! this is why i'm tired of being the photographer! you're never in any photographs. thank you for sacrificing that, nikki.

the next day was spa/brunch pedicure of my LIFE!

brunch was so lovely!!!

i went to college with each one of these girls and i wouldn't be the person i am today without them actively involved in my life!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

chrissy and christin! both college roommates :)

i'm actually embarrassed over how many photos were taken of me, attached to my blackberry....i feel a new years resolution comin' on!

the wedding was over!
not many ACTUAL photos of the wedding, since we were all in it!

my adopted college friends.
lanier and julie didn't attend college with me, but my gosh....i sometimes forget that!

chrissy and janell!!! also college roomies at one point...

escorted by the bride's kid brother...oh....what coulda been, in another life.... ;)

wannabe liberty grads, once again.....honestly, the most fun ever....

lanier and chrissy!!!!! two pillars in my life...

after party at the diner. PLEASE take special note of my PLATE. full. of. cheese. fries. with. gravy. i may dry-heave right now....

the next morning we slept in and hung by the pool.
thanks julie for posting these!!!!

i really don't know how else to say it.
it was the weekend i desperately needed.
husbands i haven't seen for YEARS were there. (although mine was in CA...maybe in another 10 years we can pull this off again and chad will be able to attend...)
it was incredibly refreshing and just another reminder of why i need to daily remember to be thankful for the relationships that God has graciously and lovingly given me!!


in ISAAC news....he pulls himself up on things now! ACK! the more mobile they get, the more damage is done!! bruises everywhere! poor kid :( and he also does this dance in his high chair while eating that is HYSTERICAL! and he waits for me to do it back...then he does it again...and he'll go back and forth for the entire meal! he laaaaaughs and laughs and thinks he's SO funny...


on a FINAL note, today is my consultation with one of the doctors at johns hopkins. i am praying for the doctors to have wisdom in determining my next steps toward permanent pain relief. please PRAY that this dude gets it. whew. so i'll be gone pretty much for the rest of the day...but will hopefully have an update tomorrow!!

more soon!!!


Nikki said...

I was happy to sacrifice :) I love that pic of Chrissy grabbing Jay's rear... awesome. Beautiful pic's all around and the disco fries made me want them right at this exact moment... mmmmm... Can we please have a video of this Isaac dance - need to see! Miss you already. I really want to take a trip to DC and meet the handsome boy in person so maybe soon! Much love and prayers!!

Julie Nickerson said...

That first picture of Care and Chrissy is stunning. Is it just me or all we all getting more beautiful as we approach 30! Maybe this is why woman say 30s were their best years...hmmmm....just a thought.

It was such a GRAND weekend!

One day down the road we need to plan a HUGE reunion with the hubbies and kids. It will be fun.

And I love that dance move in the highchair. so cute!

Carolyn said...

OMG - GREAT post, GREAT recap. I could not agree more. I'm very very thankful that we had the opportunity to catch up and be around each other!! I miss you already!

ckuretich said...

fantastic!!! !When is Lanier posting her pics, I'm dying!!! all of these are love love it. it was truly a weekend sent from above....I loved every moment. We are blessed!!!!!

Chrissy said...

i love you with all my heart. this post just made me so giddy. it also made me wish i was a bridesmaid in my own wedding and coulda gone out to a diner with you guys after and went swimming with everyone!!! ah well. i feel so blessed to have had such an awesome wedding and to have had the best friends attending, that anyone could ever ask for.

ps: fav line of the post: oh what coulda another life! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! jimmmmmmyyyyy!